The old Indian society and its culture

The Indian society or say the most traditional Society of all is the most diverse in nature with having most of its rituals and cultures as the most orthodox. Time changes and the old and Biased societies also change but in an Indian traditional Biased society, the time changes at its speed all over the world but not the old traditions as per compared to rest of the world. 

Rituals which were followed 100 or 200 years back and more than that are followed today also, in this modern society.  traditions like sacrificing animals thinking that they are enhancing Gods happiness by this ‘malpractice’ and becoming Sati has been almost band in many diverse cultures of India and traditions like child marriage, Limited education rights to women etc. are decreasing. 

 India being the second most populated country in the world and is on it speak to occupy first position has 122 major languages and 1599 other small languages today the world has become modern and so does the in a society also people here are now becoming more analytical and creative thinker. People now don’t have much time to follow those all rituals and they want something instantaneous. 


Travelling to eternity…

Traveling has always proven to me like a grace, when i think of traveling somewhere(wheather its my home or some other heavenly places around the globe(within my state or outside)) i become super exited thinking about its over whelming adventures viz. packing stuffs(clothes,shoes,thinking of destination’s adventure and especially food😋) and then taking a cab to your airport or the rail station and beginning the journey to happiness.

In my views, Traveling is very important for our life because in this busy and solitary world we have lots and lots of tensions and pressure of work , so in order to relieve all that aches and trouble from your mind traveling is essential. In the busy cities the quality of pure and fresh air has also reduced so it becomes too necessary for one living in cities(especially delhi and Lucknow where the air quality is least) to travel to some hilly and forest area on the way to get peace.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”,

A very nice proverb and says the truth like if before the journey you think that its too long and will fill your mind with anxiety so it’s wrong, because first you take one step and enjoy the pleasure and beauty made by god or the human itself your traveling will come to an end soon and you will receive eternity of traveling…


this is the situation of slum in Lucknow ..see the situation how the people are living with no sanitation facilities, no toilets, childrens are starving, 

when i went into the place i was unable to breath properly, the bad odor was so immense that it attacked all the senses of my body…All the small childrens started asking for the food…

the main thing which i want to tell you is that these people have lost there faith in government..that some day government will see them bcoz when i said that we are gonna show these photos to government and will put it on social media, they all refused…and said that what will government do then, no need to show…we people are living our life peacefully and do not need any interference…so better u people also leave the place…and then we left…Is our government blind?..what are bureaucrats doing sitting in the air conditioned offices and just having pleasure…can’t they see these people…its a request from me to the new BJP government, please do something for them…🙏🙏

faith in natural world.

Faith in natural world refers to the faith in nature, it’s beings, or say the supreme authority,the god.

If i ask you “do you have faith in god”? what would you say? or i ask you ‘how would you refer god or the supreme power’? In my sense god  is in  our soal ,we can only feel him ,he is something which is intangible in nature. Having faith in god gives us a security to live life peacefully, all of us have some hope to live and that power we get by prayer, it refreshe’s our body, gives us enthusiasm and a new direction to this mortal world. This eternal power stops people from being cruel and harsh.

 There are many  great  emotional sayings of great rishis  which could  cure all our problems which are attached towards prayer, as we are very well know to the great saith, ‘maharishi patanjali’ once all the rishimunies approached  vishnu and said what to do when certain herbs are not available at certain Season, certain things are not available at certain  period, it is not the physical sickness people get mentally sick also – lust comes ,jealousy comes, anger comes.Then vishnu said ok my son you don’t want to eat medicine ,don’t want to make medicine ,you want something instantaneous. He then smiled and looked at his thousand headed serpant and that smile was good enough that he Conveyed the whole thing then that serpant took birth as maharishi patanjali and taught the world the goodness of prayer and emotional speeches.

That’s why it’s always said prayer is the one which gives us a new direction to live. so at least have some  faith in god.